Order & Payment

How to make payment for my order?


  • Manual Bank Transfer


You may directly pay us via manual bank transfer to the following account.






Once the payment is done, please email us the payment advice to sales@jjfurniture.com.my or WhatsApp our customer service team with the following details.


Order ID:




Please make the payment within 3 working days. Your order will not be processed until we receive your payment. Your order will be automatically cancelled if you failed to do so.


  • iPay88 Payment Gateway (COMING SOON!)



How do I know if my order is confirmed?


You will be notified and receive the confirmation email within 24 hours upon completion of your payment for your order.



What can I do if I want to make bulk-purchasing?


The minimum bulk-purchasing unit is 6 units for a product. Please email to sales@jjfurniture.com.my or WhatsApp our customer service team with the following details.


  • Name:
  • H/P:
  • Address:
  • Product Link:
  • Quantity:


We will send a FREE quotation to you within 24 hours.



What can I do if I required more information about the product?


Please email to support@jjfurniture.com.my or WhatsApp our customer service team with the product link.



What can I do if I want to visit your warehouse for product viewing?


Please make an appointment with our customer service team through WhatsApp and we will get the item ready for your viewing.



Can I cancel an existing order that has been confirmed?


Once your order is CONFIRMED, you are NOT ABLE to cancel the order as it is processed from our warehouse.